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In case you are wondering where you can play games, here you are aristocrat lightning pokies. You will be flattered! Welcome to the Housing and Volunteer registration page for the Daytona Bikegiveaway 2016.  Below is general information about the rally.  After reading this page we invite you to register as a volunteer and indicate your need for housing and meals as well.

Note the following information:

  • The rally ministry is Friday, March 4th to Saturday March 12th, 2016.
  • For those who need housing we will again partner with First Baptist Church Daytona for housing and meals.  You have the ability to opt out of housing and/or meals if you choose.
  • If you haven’t had the three minute testimony training it will be provided for you at FBC Daytona prior to you working a shift.
  • Everyone will be required to attend a short training session on follow up prior to working a shift if you have not had that training.  The reason for this is we are taking on the responsibility of all follow up…no more passing the information on to someone else and hoping it gets done.  Not only do we want to do it, but we want to honor God and do it correctly, hence the training.  I believe you will understand just how worthwhile the training is once you have gone through it.  It is our hope that each of you would want to follow up with the persons you lead to Christ, but if for some reason you would prefer not to, please indicate during your registration process.
  • We are asking volunteers to sign up for particular days and shifts to work in the booth.  To qualify for housing and meals you must sign up and work at least three shifts.  There will be no team registration this year…each volunteer must register individually.  It is extremely important that we have each volunteers’ email address so we can contact them directly.  We will divide the day into three 3 1/2 hour shifts. After you have submitted your registration for the rally ministry, we will let you know your schedule based on your selection and availibilty.  In addition to volunteering to share your testimony, we would invite you to prayer walk Rossmeyers at destination Daytona and Daytona Speedway areas before each session you are scheduled to work.  Please indicate your availability to prayer walk on the registration form.
  • After you have registered for the rally ministry you will get an online receipt…please keep this for your records and check in at the rally.
  • As you prepare for the rally ministry, you are encouraged to do the following:
  1. Pray that God will prepare you for the week.
  2. Enlist people to pray for you on the days you share in the booth.
  3. View testimony training on the website.
  4. Share your testimony with others in your area prior to coming to the rally.

We look forward to your help this year as we anticipate a greater harvest for the Kingdom.

Daytona Bike Week 2016

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